Legion, For We Are Many!

We all carry demons on our backs at different times in our lives. Why do we call them that?

These are the things that needle us and cause chaos to our very souls. They are the unforgiven mistakes we carry. They are those things that bring unrest to our battered minds. They burden us to make us feel we are worthless, they are the things that keep us in a perpetual dark negative state that we long to break from so we can progress.

Just as the spirit of God fills our souls with goodness, light and hope to propel us to move forward to full joy, so does Satan’s minions continue to try to cling onto us to drag us down, doing all they can to keep us in a state of darkened misery.

As we press forward to the light that burns from Gods’ presence, those devils will shrink from the glory of God until we are free and they are no more.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    So true. 🥰


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