All Are Welcome

One morning as I was lying in bed I suddenly recalled a dream I had years ago.

I was at church, there was a front section that was like other chapels. The congregation filled the pews, everyone was dressed in their Sunday best, the room was filled with light.

The back section of the building was dark and everything was made of mud. Several people were in this part of the church. A person could still hear what was being said, this is where the “Sinners” sat, this is where I sat.

I looked around at all the filth, the mud continually dripped down on everything. I looked up and there was a balcony made of mud, a man sat up there spitting mud on me and heckling me. He sat up high so he could look down on me just to insult me and make sure I stayed where I was.

I tried so hard to hear what was being said but the harder I tried, the more the heckler carried on. When church was over, I was relieved cause I could leave the wretched stare and constant barrage of remarks. As I made my way out of the room, I was confronted by someone from the front of chapel. They held their arm out to me and gently grabbed my elbow.

“Sister, why didn’t you join us up front?” I was surprised and all I could do was respond with, “I didn’t know I could.” She smiled and said, “All are welcome.”


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    That was a tear jerker. This a gift you have been blessed with to have such significant dreams.


    1. I love this gift and am so grateful for it. I had forgotten all about it. I told my bishop about it and he liked the symbolism in it but that was when I was in the Manette Ward along time ago.


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