Forbidden Paths

This is a dream I had last Thursday night.

I am with my daughter and her husband. We are on an immense bridge made of railroad ties. It stands over a massive waterfall, the noise from the rushing waters beneath are deafening.

I think that the waterfall must be like that of the great Niagra. Many people are walking over too. I am not saying much except that I am feeling somewhat frightened because I am terrified of heights and water, there is no railing for me to hang onto, I just stay in the middle of it so as not to get too close the sides. I keep going and just want to make it across safely to the other side.

We finally make it across, but when I look for my daughter and her husband, they are gone and I realize I am alone except for a few strangers walking aimlessly about. It begins to get dark, and I start to lose my way. I look back at the bridge which is not lit at all. I kept thinking if I go back the way I came, I could fall over the sides. The sky becomes almost black and I notice that many of the travelers are moving toward a path, not wanting to be left alone and not wanting to go back the way I came. I begin to follow them. As I do, a big neon sign appears that reads “forbidden paths”.

I stop, kneel and weep because I had almost gone the way of the “forbidden paths”. I awoke and was happy because I realized I did not have to finish my dream to find my way back.

Although I knew or felt the dream had significance, I couldn’t figure out what it was. So I tucked it away. Since that day, I have learned the significance. Out of my own ignorance I had was trying to do things my way, instead of “thy will be done”, it had become “Debi’s will be done”, in doing so it was robbing me of any peace I had been delighting in.

Although the waters continue to rage beneath me, now that I am right with the Lord again, I will not walk those forbidden paths and not be lost. I will not be left alone to wander aimlessly.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    What great insight!


    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes the hardest person to look at is yourself. Which I had to do. But so grateful I finally did.


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