Silly, Empty Questions

I have gotten asked, “Have I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and confessed my sins”. These questions put me off. They seem to be a form of entrapment. If you know me you should not have to ask me that.

It should be evident to you. If you don’t know the answer then you have been too busy concerned with the semantics and nothing else. If I answer yes to those questions, does that mean that is all it takes? Not for me it isn’t.

I spend everyday confirming to my Savior my love for Him. Everyday day I am confessing my sins and asking forgiveness because I am human and there is always something to repent of.

Have I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and confessed my sins? Well, even though I have and do, it really isn’t anyone’s business. Am I a Christian? Yes! But I guess the question lies with what you see a Christian as. Then comes my response. I don’t care what your views of being a Christian are.

Your views are not what is going to extend mercy to me so that I can enter my Fathers’ kingdom. You did not die for my sins. Your views and conditions have no value what so ever.

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