October 14th

I awoke about 1 a.m. and as the case here lately, I laid in bed just trying to find a reason to get up.
While lying there I must have drifted back to sleep. I had a dream:
My children were altogether in my front room, except Curtis wasn’t there. We were watching TV and I was sitting on the floor. All of a sudden, I saw Chewy and Vitas, they were playing together. I got so excited and said, “Look! Vitas is here!” No one else could see him. “I yelled again, “Look you guys he is right there!” I called him to me and he ran to me and jumped into my arms. I nuzzled him and buried my face in his fur. My dog had come home to me. My children gathered around me and we huddled together hugging. I could still feel Vitas and I knew I was slipping away. My children knew it too. I had very little breath in my body but could only muster a whisper of “Tell Curtis I love him. “Still holding my dog, I slipped away. I awoke and the time was 3:20. It was important for some reason to recognize the time although I don’t know why.

I laid in bed and just wept tears of mixed emotions. I had just been separated from my dogs again. I passed away without all my children there and accounted for. But I passed away with the sweet embrace from the rest of my children. This dream has left me feeling drained. How can a person who had a pretty good night’s sleep, feel so drained?


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    It’s amazing these insightful dreams that you continue to have. ❤


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