In His Holy House He Walks

When I was reading the part in the Old Testament about Moses building the Tabernacle to house the Ark of the covenant. He was told that when the cloud had descended over it that it meant that God was there. I love the imagery.

Upon seeing a picture of one of the temples and the cloud hanging over it reminded me that God still dwells in His house. I then realized how often this is the case with many of His Holy houses. What an honor to witness such a miraculous event to take place and being able to recognize of His glory in such a way as this is. I think about the scriptures speaking of in the last days witnessing marvels in the earth below and in the heavens. Could this be but one of them?

Next time you are blessed to witness such an event, take time to marvel that God is there and that you get to share in the Heavenly manifestation of His presence.

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