Touch Of The Masters’ Hand

Another beautiful dream

I am standing in an art class and I am looking at my painting, it is a landscape piece. While I like the way it looks, I just can’t help feel it isn’t quite complete. I keep staring at it, it is missing something but I just don’t know what.

The master artist comes and stands next to me, why it is important that he stands next to me and not behind me makes me feel as if in his eyes I am very important to him.

He looks at me and asks, “Why are just standing here staring at your painting? Are you unhappy with it?” I tell him I like it very much but feel it is very nice but it is lacking something. I tell him I can’t figure out how to finish my painting so I will feel it is truly complete and finished.

He looks down into my eyes, the tenderness that I see and feel is so warm, there are no words to express this out pouring of love.

He holds my hand that holds the brush. “Here, we will finish this together.” Then his hand gently guides me to put the finishing touches to my own painting. My once piece of personal art has become a masterpiece by the guiding hand of the Masters’ Touch.

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