Putting On The Whole Armor of God

I always wanted to serve a mission but due to circumstances and not understanding the process of repentance or the gift of forgiveness more fully, I never felt worthy.

As I think about my Patriarchal blessing and promises of having all the righteous desires of my heart fulfilled. I can feel the excitement that I will yet serve a mission. Not in this life but that is ok. I am told I would bring many into the gospel because of my testimonies. My anticipation and joy is almost more than can be contained in such a small space as my heart can hold. It is the only thing that I can take with me when I leave the earth. My testimony will be the “Full armor of God” that I will wear as I travel among those who have passed on.

May I bring honor to my God for all His goodness and mercy and that I will serve out of love for each of His children and for Him and my Savior.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    You will be a great missionary!


    1. Thanks! I hope so. Nothing would give me more pleasure.


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