Putting On The Whole Armor of God

I always wanted to serve a mission but due to circumstances and not understanding the process of repentance or the gift of forgiveness more fully, I never felt worthy.

As I think about my Patriarchal blessing and promises of having all the righteous desires of my heart fulfilled. I can feel the excitement that I will yet serve a mission. Not in this life but that is ok. I am told I would bring many into the gospel because of my testimonies. My anticipation and joy is almost more than can be contained in such a small space as my heart can hold. It is the only thing that I can take with me when I leave the earth. My testimony will be the “Full armor of God” that I will wear as I travel among those who have passed on.

May I bring honor to my God for all His goodness and mercy and that I will serve out of love for each of His children and for Him and my Savior.

No Greater Love

When Christ was taking the final steps to be crucified, He was carrying His own cross. Simon standing off to the side was told by the Roman guards to go get the cross and carry it for Christ. I picture Christ stumbling from the weight of it but still trying to carry it ALONE. I wonder if some of the Roman guards feeling a little compassion or saw immense compassion in the eyes of Simon. It doesn’t clearly state the reason why someone was allowed to help with the Saviors burden but only that he did.

Everyone has their own cross to bear in this life, it can be physical, mental or emotional infirmities. Our trials can be had from a whole myriad of circumstances. As we carry our crosses, and we stumble and fall from the weight of them, there is one that will help ease our burdens along the way. Christ is there with us every step of the way to even shoulder the burden entirely at times to help us become our eternal true selves. To become perfected just as He is.

He has said Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest for my yoke is light and my burden is easy. All we need to do is ask. He will not say bring your cross here before I will even lift a finger to help you. He will come right where you are; ever ready to aid you in your hour of need. How much more love can be offered by one who suffered so much on our behalf and would do it again and again if He had to? I marvel at His immense love for us all.