Sacred Art Of My Soul

I used to dream every night but over the past year I don’t dream at least I don’t remember them very often and the ones I do remember have little if any meaning. But last night I had a dream.

I dreamt I painted 4 pictures. Each one was ok but there was one that was my favorite. I gathered up my paintings and was taking them to an art show to be appraised. I set each one on an easel. Once they were set up I began admiring my favorite one. I just knew it would be appraised the highest.

I walked away from the paintings for a short time and when I came back they each had been appraised for $177.00 all but my most favorite one. It had been appraised at $0.00. I couldn’t understand why, in my eyes it was the most beautiful one out of all of them, it was the one most precious to me. I couldn’t figure out why no one could see it for how beautiful it was. Why had it not seemed to be worth even a dollar to a casual on looker?

The appraiser came around and I asked her why? I was upset, couldn’t it even been given an honorable mention? Then came her response that brought everything into proper perspective.

Every painting that was given an appraisal was bought by someone. They loved them all but the one with no price put on it was because it was the most beautiful of them all. It’s value was beyond anything monetary. No one could even begin to cheapen it with a price. It is invaluable. No one felt worthy enough to own it. This one you need to carry with you at all times, it is yours. Keep it safe, treasure it and safeguard it.

This painting is my personal testimony. It is worth more to me than anything this world can offer . If I share it with others, they will benefit from it and find the beauty but it IS mine.

I don’t know what symbolism the number 4 has or even why $177.00 for the 3 was given but over all I loved the dream and wanted to share.