Imagery Of What Is To Become

With each day my physical body becomes worse and weaker but my spirit becomes stronger as if it is feeding off my mortality.

The strength I feel in spirit is the strength that carries this earthly form through the day. One day I will finally shed myself of this Tabernacle of clay and emerge.

No more fatigue, no more sadness or regrets. My mind will no longer be a prison of the past but a field of glorious joy. I try to imagine being able to move without arthritis, to be able to run in fields of green. I try to imagine seeing my parents again and my dogs. My heart aches for them. I think of the work I will help perform to hurry the Saviors second coming.

I try to imagine sitting my father and sharing knowledge with him that I didn’t do while he was alive. Being able to sit and rejoice and feed off each other’s excitement. These are the images and desires that strengthens my spirit now.