The Flavor Of Our Lives

I play a game every day, it is a Hide and Find game. The object is to find certain items within a certain amount of time. Depending on how many levels of the game you play and how many of them you complete you go from being beginner to Master Expert.

It is a mindless game really as it can be repetitive but I need something at this time to help keep me somewhat grounded.

I can’t even count how many times I began to feel frantic because I hadn’t found all the items and time was running out. My eyes would dart across the screen and my heart would race.

Lol sounds weird to get so caught up in this but be as it may, it would have this effect on me. I started telling myself to slow down and just look. If I didn’t complete it this time but I would the next time. Once I started doing this I realized that a lot of times the final few objects were right in plain sight. I might complete the level with only 1 – 2 seconds to spare but I DID finish as a winner.

So too is this life. We start out as beginners, we sometimes get so caught up in trying to be perfect and live a perfect life for fear we will run out of time that we don’t stop to just breathe and look at the whole picture. Slow down and if you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying till you do. You will have enough time and enough tries to finally succeed. Even if you have a few seconds to spare. The fact and beautiful truth will be that YOU DID IT! Don’t give up and you can’t help be a success. The beauty of mistakes is being able in the end to see how grand our successes were and are. We finally become the Master Expert of our souls.

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