Royalty Unrealized

A peasant woman in her tent finds a Prince standing in the doorway. A hand reaches inside and a gentle voice says, “Please come with me for the King beckons you.” The woman hurries to gather her things, she has all her possessions and drops quite a few, trying so hard to take all she had with her.

The prince tells her “To come as you are and leave everything behind.”

“But Sire, it is all that I hold most dear, it is all that I have. If I come I will have nothing to offer the King.”

“Dear woman, you ARE enough and where you are going there are far more treasures. These things you leave behind, while it is true they are the best of you, they will benefit others.”

The woman humbled, takes hold of the Princes’ hand and walks out into the golden sun of the day. She is going to meet her King.


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