Sailing home on the Celestial Sea

A woman stands on a pier surrounded by her loved ones. She is getting ready to board a massive cruise ship called “The Celestial Sea (I love cruises). One person cries and pleads to go with her. She responds that she can’t come just yet.

“I have to go first and get things ready for your arrival. When we are together again we will have a Huge party and have a devil piƱata, then we will smack the h*ll out of satan.” It brings a smile to hers and everyone’s face

The would-be traveler has a bittersweet feeling come over her. How she will miss them all but where she is going time has no measure and so just like when we dream and hours may pass, when we wake up, it doesn’t seem that it has been that long.

She let’s her tears fall to be mingled with the others, so it is the same when there is love among people. Our emotions become one.

She can hear “Now boarding!” She climbs onto the ship and turns. One last look and her heart is full of love. She waves and calls out to them, “God be with you till we meet again. I love you all!” She doesn’t say goodbye, this is not a goodbye but an until.