Charity Never Faileth

In the scriptures it says not to judge but then it says we need to judge righteously. Almost seems like a contradiction. In order to judge righteously we MUST know a person’s heart. No one can know a person’s heart, most of us have an outward persona that help keep us safe and guarded. Sometimes our actions don’t really speak of what we truly feel or think and as much as we want the world to see beyond those imperfections, we don’t always give the same benefit to others.

There in lies the sin of hypocrisy. We expect everyone else to know our hearts in spite of our actions. So until we can judge righteously we must be careful not to judge at all. You see it really isn’t a contradiction, but a commandment with stipulations.

The Great Solemn Assembly

I often wonder if there will be prayer in Heaven. I think the prayers will become solemn assemblies. The Savior will be the presiding leader over such assemblies.. Where we will gather and discuss all the prayers offered from those left behind. Prayers over sick and afflicted loved ones, prayers over wayward husband’s and children, prayers given on behalf of non believers, prayers over a fallen world.

I think we will be given assignments on how to minister to those who spend so much time on their knees. In speaking words of comfort and hope to the hearts and minds of those who seek so faithfully. We will sing Hosanna to the great love that our Heavenly Father has for us and for all His children.

What a beautiful and miraculous thing to be a part of!