Saturdays’ Warrior

A woman had received an invitation to visit a magnificent castle on Saturday.  The castle was exquisite and not everyone would be allowed to enter.  Only those who had the word “warrior” stamped on their hearts would be invited.  To look at her you might see her as nothing more than a peasant.  The king knew his servants well and knew who to invite.

Her excitement grew as the day approached for her to attend  this grandiose occasion but at the same time she felt apprehension.  What if a mistake had been made?  She wasn’t sure she was worthy but went in hopes that the king had not been mistaken about her.

As she approached the castle, her heart began to race and she felt her legs weaken.  She knew this was a great privilege, one that left her in awe but she was also aware that it would be a major disappointment if she wasn’t allowed access.

She knelt before the massive doors and pressed the button for entrance.  As her body was scanned, she closed her eyes and waited for the sound of the doors opening up. What was only a few seconds seemed like an eternity to her.

Then she could hear a voice tell her, “Welcome dear servant, he has been expecting you.”


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    What a great parable!


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