Tears A Neverending River

Tears help soften the rough spots of our souls like the waters flowing in a river, the rocks on the bottom become smooth over time. While river water runs over jagged rocks you can see the disturbances. Once the rocks are smooth, the waters flow more freely and with ease.

Tears cleanse the impurities of sin, sadness, depression, pain and injustices leaving a polished soul behind. Once this happens our tears become ones of joy, compassion, humility leaving Christs’ countenance on our faces.

There are some that might say tears are a sign of weakness but I say they are a sign of strength. There is strength when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, it shows we are allowing God to work in our lives. And although we can’t see it, Christ is there to wipe our tears and shower us with his grace and mercy.

We should not be afraid to let the human side of us be seen. Part of being human is being a child of God. We need to let his countenance shine forth upon our faces and watch how others are drawn to it. We might be the healing river waters to another.