Stop And Breathe

I went out today to mail off a couple of packages. As I was doing so I looked around and thought this has been my home for 65 years, now it seems like a foreign land, it is all familiar but at the same time it is foreign.

I saw a man stop to jump start a ladies car, it was good to see there was kindness still around and how we need more of this in the world.

I had my Vitas cd in my car playing. Although he sings in Russian he has a beautiful voice and it always captivates and draws me to it. I remembered how I used to love to sing, I think I sang more than I talked for the most part. I used to work as a custodian cleaning office buildings. I would work late at night and if someone came in they would hear me sing, I know that my Redeemer lives and Love one another or it might be a more jovial tune of Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Due to a virus, it wiped out my voice to where I can no longer carry a tune. My mind is drawn to the future when every part of me will be restored to its perfect self. I smiled at the thought of singing once again and it not having the sound like a cat squalling. LOL

I came home and sat down and began watching what was going on outside. A gray squirrel who has taken up residence in our park for sometime now, is running around not sure if he is running to or away from. We have a lot cats that run loose so my guess is he is trying to run away from one. He has lasted this long I imagine he will last longer still. This is a prime example of fortitude.

There are people in my park that walk their little dogs many times a day. I love seeing it but it is bittersweet for me as it makes me think about my dogs and the void I feel grows wider still.

How vivid and surreal this life has become. We can all stop and see the beauty of the smallest things this world has to offer if we just take the time to stop and pause a little more, linger a little longer, live a little more, and above all else love a little deeper. The turmoil of this world, the hate that fills the air waves, the discontent that is so rampant will wait! It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Stop and snatch at what blessings there are for us. They are there and will continue to be there in the flowers you smell, the laughter in a child’s voice, the look of a sunny day, the still small voice in a fervent prayer and even in our tears.

Have a ZEN day.

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