Into a Pit of Vipers

2nd Nephi 10:3

In reading the Book of Mormon. I came across the scripture that talks about Christ being born among the Jews. He had to be born there because of the wickedness of the people. It was said there was no other nation that would crucify Him. All other nations would accept Him, follow Him and love Him.

I love how it mentions nations as in plural. Amazing how there was so many and yet only one place was wicked enough to cause His crucifixion.

So important was His sacrifice He was born into a pit of vipers to bring about His redemption. Amazing and awe inspiring. The planning of His ministry before the world was and then sent down to this earth. He began lower than low and yet He rose above all else.

I am deepened even more into humility and gratitude for His love for us all.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    Beautifully said


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