Through a Darkened Door

An image is burned into my mind, the origin of it isn’t clear. Was it a dream, an illusion or a thought? I have no clue.

I am lying in my darkened room, my bedroom door is open and in the hallway is a light but just enough to make out who was standing there. It is my father.

I look at him and my thoughts were he is come to take me home but I tell him I can’t come yet, there is still something I must do. A goal I must complete.

My mind cuts to another scene. My father is walking with me and as we get closer to our destination he says, “Look mama, Debra’s home.”

There is little left that makes me smile but this wonderful scenario gladdens my heart. Is it a scene yet to be? Is it something made up in my mind? I don’t have an answer but it doesn’t matter, it serves as a comfort to me.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    What a wonderful dream or experience. ❤


    1. Yes it is comforting.


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