A Beacon in Life’s Storms

I have a painting that my husband gave to me. I love it very much. It is a lighthouse standing tall in the midst of the storm. The waves surrounding it are crashing against but yet the lighthouse stands firm and strong. A light shines from the top to show travelers the way to safety. If you look into the skies you can see Christ’s hands coming out as if to calm the seas and give aid.

I always loved that through the midst of trials and our own storms we can rest assured that Christ is there helping us endure our hardships.

Now as I look at the painting, I realize I AM that lighthouse.


  1. I have mine hanging on the wall in my bedroom above my TV. I like to look at it. It reminds me that I am in the loving care of my Savior even when storms are raging.


  2. Bethlyn Robison says:

    I too love this picture. In fact, I found a brand new puzzle of this picture for 2.00 at the DI. I put it together and framed it. It’s in my bedroom. It’s such a beautiful reminder.


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