I had 2 dreams that I can recall where I was in the Heavenly realms. One was of my father bidding that I should come and join him. Oh how I wanted to go.

I remember vividly the sun was shining so bright but it was neither hot nor cold. It was bright enough that under normal circumstances I would have squinted but it wasn’t necessary.

In the other dream I was going on a tour and I saw a woman planting flowers in her front yard, she looked up at me and smiled warmly, then she went back to planting her flowers. Again the sun was shining brightly but it was neither hot or cold. In both dreams the temperature had no definition, it just was.

In studying the scriptures I now realize there was no sun either time but instead it was the glory of God. How miraculous it all seems now. When we will be in His presence and He in our midst His glory will shine brighter than anything we know now. A light without heat or blinding brightness, something we will accept and love. Something all encompassing.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    What a wonderful dream.


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