Daddy Escort Me Home

The prophet Brigham Young and Joseph Smith was very close in this life and when he, Brigham, laid on his death bed. He saw that Joseph was there to take him home. His last words were: “Joseph! Joseph! Joseph!” The friendship of two prophets, seers, and revelators was about to be renewed.”

One of my fondest memories growing up was the time my father escorted me to a daddy, daughter date. It was something held by the church once a year for fathers to take their daughter’s to a function held in the church building. It usually consisted of games, food and activities. It was a time that was special for fathers and daughters to bond.

I went and although I was terribly shy, awkward and felt so out of place my father made up the difference with his personality. I had so much fun, he made it that way. I was and am so very proud that he was my earthly father elect.

Now I hope and pray that as I take my last few breaths, my words will be “Daddy!” I hope he will come once again to escort me back home.