I Promise To…..

God is a God of Covenants. His word is His bond.

Too many times we often make quick idle promises to appease another person with no real intent on satisfying them just to buy us enough time in hopes that they will forget.

The receiver of such promises waits with the hope for the day the promise will be satisfied to only find out that the promiser replies with “just kidding”.

Oh how I thank God that I can rely on my Redeemer to make ALL His promises sure.

I cannot imagine if I was to die and stand in front of Him and have Him look at me with a gleam in His eye and then tell me, “Oh yes, you have lived a good life, but guess what? I was just joking, you are not redeemed at all.

Let us all be careful and more aware before we make promises that hold as much as weight as stagnant air.


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