Please Let Me Go

A little boy had captured a bird and shut it up in a cage. He sat the cage in front of the window so the bird could at least feel he was still free. He was so happy because the bird sometimes sang a beautiful tune and appeared to be happy in it’s confined space.

Days became weeks and weeks became months and over time the bird stopped singing. The little boy felt the bird was sick and did everything he could to heal the little creature, but everyday the bird sat perched staring out the window longing to escape and be free.

The boy felt sad and didn’t want to let his little friend go. He knew it would leave a void in his life and the little bit of joyful sound of his singing might never come again.

He knew what his choice had to be; with tears streaming down his face he unlatched the door to the cage, reached in and gently picked up the bird. Although every part of him was grieving, he opened the front door and opened his hands to release the bird.

He watched as his friend took to the skies in flight and he didn’t move until he could no longer see it. As he turned to go back into the house, he could hear the sweet song that the bird was now singing once again. He then realized that the bird was not really gone. Although he could no longer see it, he would continue to enjoy its presence by the tune of freedom that his little friend would continue to bless his life with.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    You have great analogies.


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