What if ?…….

I have thought and wondered many times over the years if I could have been one face of many in the crowds who persecuted Christ when he walked the earth? As unlikely as this seems now, I cannot be so self righteous to deny the fact that I could have been one of them that chanted “Crucify Him!”

My heart breaks to think I could have been so wicked and unfeeling but what kind of people were they that were responsible for His crucifixion? I think they were regular people that went about living their lives like everyone else.

There was so much proof in His example that He was the Son of God and yet people saw Him as a devil. Was it so important back then to be one of the crowd? How many wanted really wanted Him to be put to death because they were afraid to go against the popular vote like Pontius Pilate? How many of them were led away by the false precepts of men? I do not think many prayed to know of His divinity.

I would hope that I would not have been one of them and am so very grateful that I wasn’t there to have to decide. But now these days with chaos and wickedness abounding in numbers, I stand among the believers and I know He lives and is the Son of God. He will take His place once again among the believers and non-believers alike.

His hand will direct in all things. My eyes do not have to behold first hand the miracles He can and did create or my ears to hear each word He uttered. All His truth and love cannot be witnessed by our 5 senses first. The surety of these things are born by the spirit and like a seed are planted in the heart. Then and only then is our eyes and ears opened to the miraculous things that He wants to bless us with.

It is these simple truths that let me know that I will know Him when He comes again.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    Absolutely beautiful!


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