Can’t See The Forest Through The Trees

In doing genealogy I occasionally run into snags. One name I had problems with was my daughter in law, Lauras’ great grandmothers’ maiden name. I have a membership to which the church pays for all members wanting to do family history. I searched all over different sites, many genealogy sites required paid subscriptions which could be a few hundred dollars per site. I didn’t have the money to pay so that futile and eventually I Googled the name but came up with nothing. After a few hours I felt I had exhausted all avenues and feeling frustrated I closed out the application.

Later that night as I knelt to pray, I pleaded to find the maiden name of this person. I also asked to be led in the direction my life was to take if it wasn’t family history. I just needed something to make my life more fulfilling.

Today my daughter was visiting in the morning and I began telling her of this dilemma I was having. She took to the internet to do her own research and within minutes she had found the maiden name along with so much information that I would need as I continued doing Lauras’ family line.

She found a link on that lead to a grave site and there was her headstone and her families headstones. If I had taken the time to look over the website I might have found the link too.

Sometimes when we look in all directions we often just don’t see what is right in front of us all along.

So too is prayer. If we kneel to pray for answers while in our minds we have our hopes as to what answer we want or preconceived ideas of what we believe the answer is then we cut ourselves off from the true answers and then the prayer itself is said in vain.

Many times I would get up and think, well what is the answer? The answer is always there but I hadn’t asked in earnest faith with a real desire to know. When my prayers should’ve been ‘Thy will be done, oh Lord’.

When I submit my mind and heart to my ever loving, always listening Heavenly Father then the heavens open and answers come in droves.


  1. Bethlyn Robison says:

    Wonderful reminder..


  2. Bethlyn Robison says:

    Wonderful reminder..


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