For Emmy

If you look at a piano keyboard, all you see is 88 keys, 52 white and 36 black. We don’t know what kind of music or songs this one keyboard can create but more times than not people that pass by this keyboard will feel the need to touch at least one key.

They may not know how to play, but the need to touch it is almost too much of an invitation and so they do. Sometimes they walk away after one sound but other times a melody will get played.

The quality of the instrument isn’t defined by hearing one note played or even plunked on by a few people who have never learned to play.

An unruly child or person can sit down and beat on the keys so much that the instrument becomes out of tune. Then those who pass by may try to play a tune only to find out the sound is not pleasant and just walk away. The once pristine keyboard becomes just a keyboard with 88 keys, 52 white and 36 black.

It isn’t until someone sees the potential of the old instrument and takes it home. They might either tune it themselves or hire a professional. Then a concerto gets played on it and what was once a battered instrument becomes something so much more.

So it is with being a victim of senseless crimes and abuse. We are not defined by being a victim, we are defined by how we let these awful experiences shape us. Sometimes we can become embittered or self destructive or we can rise above and become something more beautiful in spite of it.

But regardless of how we deal with it, there is one thing that is constant and that is the Master. He can and does retune our souls time and time again. He sees our potential long before we even realize we have any. All we need to do is invite him to heal us and to make us more intune with the beauty that we as children of the Most High possess.

It is then that the most magnificent hymns are played and offered to one who sacrificed His life for us.