I have always been a “DIY” type of person. My philosophy has always been, “Why pay someone else to do something I can do myself? I have had some successes and some disastrous outcomes. But I would always want to do it myself or at least try.

Luckily for me I kind of knew my limitations, so when it came to surgery, I knew I would need the middle man, kind of hard to administer my own IV, inject anesthesia, wait till I am under and then perform surgery. Even as many times as I had played “Operation”, I knew this might be slightly different.

But the one thing I have come to realize is that my salvation is not a “DIY”. I cannot get back to my Heavenly Father on just my knowledge and merits. I need the ‘middle man’ so to speak. And that is my Savior and the grace He extends to me.

While many do-it-yourself projects left me feeling pretty good at being able to accomplish some things. My knowing those accomplishments are short term at best.

It is humbling to know the greatest thing that can ever be accomplished in my life comes from a higher source. As humbling as it is, I am so very greatful in knowing the Master builder is in control and will NEVER let me down.