Losing My Way

I was thinking earlier on how many times I have left my home to go somewhere. I get lost so easily and if I was taking one of my children to a friends house, it would be an instant source of real irritation if they weren’t quite sure on the directions.

I hated getting lost, I still do, and have no patience with myself or others in dealing with venturing in unfamiliar territory. BUT I obviously made it through ok, not sure my children did though, lol.

I think how often that is true with our mental and spiritual struggles. It is never easy in trying to survive or find the correct way. We sometimes are so focused on being lost we stop looking for the signs pointing us in the right direction.

Our Savior never becomes irritated or loses patience with us. He just waits for us and He guides us a long the way. Although we may stumble and fall, He is always there ready to help us up and get back on the proper track again. And He does so in a loving way no matter how many times it takes.

Lucky for me He is that way. He has NEVER said, “Debra, I don’t know what to do with you.” Meaning, I don’t know how to deal with you. I love my Savior and his undying and never ending amount of patience and long suffering He has for me.