My Final Gifts to Each of My Children

To my son James, I gave you my life. When you were at deaths door, I asked to have your life spared and I would go in your place. I would do it again without hesitation. I have loved you dearly from the start.

To my daughter Kristie, I leave all my arts and craft supplies. May you continue to create beautiful work, which is just a glimpse of the beauty you possess inside. Be true to yourself, never hide the precious gem you are.

To my son Curtis, I leave you with the key to eternal joy which is more precious than any earthly treasure you can ever find in this life. You need only turn the key by fulfilling a promise made to me while you were incarcerated.

My son Marcus, I leave to you my high powered telescope. May you continue to find beauty in nature and internal peace that comes with communing with all the things created by God. Keep looking up to the heavens and watch for the Savior and if God willing I will be among the Heavenly hosts singing praises as the Savior returns.

To my daughter Jessica, I leave you with Vitas ashes and the pictures pertaining to him and Chewy, these are pieces of my heart. I never quit grieving over the loss of them. Know that at the time of receiving these items I will be reunited with them, I will be laughing and playing with them in fields of green pastures.

To my son Johnny, you have been my lost little boy. My heart has ached for you many times. I leave you my 4-in-one which is all my scriptures. Please prayerfully read them. They will lead you into the waters of baptism which will be just the beginning of your best journey yet.

To my son David, I leave you my laptop. Pursue your hearts desire, continue to write. This will give you so much joy as you cultivate your deepest God given talent. You will bless the lives of all who read and learn about you. Never become discouraged, there is someone special out there for you and she will be worthy of you. Don’t lose your wonderful sense of humor which has blessed my life and others as well.

To my daughter Robbie, I leave you my Mazda so you have the freedom to do the things you want and need to do. I also leave to you my mobile home, you will be able to create your own place of sacred solitude to help with those moments of anxiety. Stay close to the Lord as you have in the past. You will continue to be strengthened and feel His loving arms about you in your darkest moments. If you choose to sell the mobile, it will be ok. Take the proceeds from the sale and put down on another home, but most importantly my daughter of great faith be happy.