The Magnitude Of Gods’ Family

I think about having 8 children, To some, it may seem like a lot and to others it may seem but a few. But when we compare these numbers to how many our heavenly parents have there is no comparison.

On many occasions when trying to get one childs’ attention, I end up calling them by each others names until I finally say their rightful name. It isn’t because I don’t know who I mean, I am always aware of each one individually, it is more of my tongue speaking faster than my brain can engage my mouth.

There have been many times, we would go on family outings where we piled into the vehicle, I would turn around and count heads and go over names to who all should be present. Making sure not to forget anyone or leave anyone behind. Sometimes we had to wait for one person to show up and on occasion sending a child in to retrieve a sibling.

Upon leaving and heading home, I would go through through the same process to ensure we all made it home safe and secure.

Our Heavely Father knows each of us and NEVER verbally stumbles as He calls us individually. He NEVER has to count each one to make sure all are present. I am sure there are times He has to wait patiently while one catches up, or send someone after the One that hasn’t caught up yet. But he knows and is fully aware who is present and accounted for.

Just as He is infinite in His glory so it is with His love for each one of us, His children.