As someone raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there is one song in our hymnal called “Come Come Ye Saints” and in a verse it states. “And should we die before our journey’s through
Happy day! All is well!”

I used to think, “What kind of crap is that?”  After they had traveled 100’s of miles to get to this place to settle and they die before they get there, they are ok with it?’ I used to think if they were even in their right mind or the lyricist could even fathom what he was setting to music.

Today I awoke in the early morning hours as is often the case and without thinking about anything else except going back to sleep, thoughts began to flow about what peace was and what it meant.

My mind was brought to the time while the Savior slept on the boat and his disciples kept watch, a storm arose, it must have been horrendous. Their fear and anxiety caused much panic and they rushed to awaken the sleeping Lord. He got up and didn’t say, ” Oh for crying out loud, can’t I get a moments peace around here? ” He didn’t storm up onto the bow and scream at the giant waves or the massive winds to SHUT UP! He raised his hands and just said, “Be still.” With this, the storm was calmed.

Our dear Savior has been called the Prince of Peace. He has been quoted as saying to us “Peace I leave unto you. Peace I give to you”.

I lay there pondering further about this subject. True peace cannot be bought on Ebay or sold on the black market. It doesn’t come in a life insurance policy that pays for our final expenses. It cannot be found in the depths of the ocean or discovered in the great pyramids of Egypt. It doesn’t come with a price tag because it is priceless. It cannot be lost or found. It cannot be built or destroyed.

True peace is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is what encompasses all this good and holy. It is the still small voice that can be heard, it is the burning in our very bosom. It is the testimonies we bear, it is the still waters spoken of in psalms 23. It IS the very nature of God.

With True peace comes real acceptance that replaces fear, doubt, and frustration. It is the strength to press us forward while we hold fast to the rod of iron. It is the power of the Holy Ghost and can only be given freely.

While I wait for the lab results to come back over some health issues. I am calm and truly can say I am at peace. Whatever happens to me now or in the future doesn’t matter. If I live long then I will rejoice and if I die early then I will go with gratitude and rejoice in the life I have lived and the excitement of seeing my beloved parents and my pets. Either way, “All is well, all is well. “

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