It has been awhile, so much going on in my life, but in the back of my mind was the nagging reminder of reconciling with my brother.

Last night I went to bed knowing I would fast and pray about it and also about the Covid vaccine. I fell asleep and awoke 1 hour later. My mind kept going over how to go about reconciling with my brother. How do I humble myself and go to him? The things I said I meant and still do? I know I said some unnecessary things and my delivery of things could have been less sarcastic. Doesn’t seem a very good way to reconcile anything.

I could not sleep at all. While laying there, the inspiration to just open the lines the communication was felt. Even though I felt that was my answer, I still needed a stronger confirmation because I can be spiritually dense at times. So needless to say I didn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night.

I was stressing because I was afraid I would oversleep and miss church even though it is televised on YouTube. I wanted to be there to take the sacrament. I finally got up about 7:30 but my body was in such a weakened state and my head was hurting. I knelt and prayed to begin my fast.

I made my way to the frontroom and turned on Music and the Spoken Word, which has become a part of my Sunday meditation routine. I decided that if I was supposed to go to church then the Lord would bless me with the strength and stamina to go.

Well, the strength and stamina didn’t return and I decided to just watch Sacrament on YouTube instead, but I let the music take me into a holier frame of mind. I decided to look up what reconcile actually meant. I found this: to restore to friendship or harmony.

So I decided I would do this through Facebook so I requested to add him as a friend. The rest of it will be what he does with it. I feel this is all I need to do for now. I love when yet another part of my testimony is yet starting and what was already there is strengthened even more. I have been in a weakened physical strength but my spirit has been made stronger and really if given the option, I would choose my testimony over my health without hesitation on any day.

My body will decay and rot eventually but my testimony will be the one thing I can take with me to the grave and into eternity. We are told to build up our treasures in Heaven. I love seeing it happen.


  1. Beth says:

    Wonderful advice!

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