My Testimony

After reading a few more chapters of the Millenial Messiah, which by the way is an excellent book, my mind and thoughts go to my pre-mortal life. A time when I still dwelled with heavenly parents and siblings. I think I must have had a testimony at that time.

When our dear Savior was crucified, from our heavenly realms each spirit there witnessed it. I am sure many of us if not all wept bitter tears of what our loving brother was going through and then seeing His ressurection we must have rejoiced. I think about how eager I must have felt in coming here to prove how valiant I would be in returning from whence I came.

We, as spirit children had chosen our families and even those families that might be wicked on earth or cause us great harm, were chosen by some because the eagerness to come and get our bodies and prove ourselves was so strong that it seemed it was of little consequence of who our earthly famlies might be.

I am sure as we descended and the veil was gently laid across our minds, there were tears from our Heavenly Mother like someone sending their children into battle. I can’t help but think that she must have kissed us tenderly on the cheeks and whispered, “I love you, return to us with honor.” And I see me looking back waving and smiling, “I will.”

Now that I am here, I cannot remember what took place from before I came but with each day I am regaining a testimony that might have been started long ago. A testimony is not just for while I am here but a testimony is eternal, it has eternal truths that will forever grow even when I leave this temporal existence.

I remember reading or hearing that our testimonies are recorded in Heaven. How wonderful to know that our feelings and beliefs continue on. I wonder how many spirits that are waiting to hear the gospel are influenced by my testimonies shared here on earth. How much more precious does my testimony become. In knowing this, I will safeguard my testimony even more.

Words spoken from the heart, spirit and the very depths of my soul, can I hope to please my Heavenly Parents when I stand before them clothed in honor.