Christs’ Ministry

While I was reading “The Millenial Messiah” the thoughts came to mind of which I will share.

Why was it important for Christ to come to earth through an immortal father, God but by a mortal mother, Mary? It states that when Christ returns to earth he will descend as an immortal being, why couldn’t He just have made His entrance into the world the first time the same way?

Then I thought He had to come to earth by a mortal birth, He had to begin life even as a newborn to begin his mortality through example from His first breath to His last breath.

He came here through an immortal Father bringing with him the power of God so He could endure the arduous mission laid out for Him from before the earth was even formed. The plan of salvation that would come to ALL men. He had to be able to call on the powers of Heaven through a loving God who was ever ready to help His son achieve and accomplish this divine mission to bring to pass the gift of immortality.

His mission although is eternal, it could not be accomplished entirely through celestial means.

He had to lead by example in a mortal state. How could Heavenly Father expect us mortal beings to accept eternal truths since a veil had been placed over our minds? We need to see, hear with our eyes and ears but also feel with our hearts.

Therefore Mary, a mortal woman was chosen with which to accomplish this. I imagine Mary was chosen before she left the presence of our heavenly parents just like the prophets were chosen.

She had to be a Virgin, unknown by any man. It stands to reason why a Virgin was so important. You cannot put a clean thing in an unclean thing lest it becomes unclean also.

Little is said about Christ’s early years but I see Him acting as a small child would and continue on till the day when it was made known to Him of His dinve ministry. I wonder what that must have been like for Him. I think the spirit must have touched his heart so that He knew of the truthfulness of it and it was then His mortal ministry began.

By being born in a mortal state, He would be subject to all earthly things that we go through such as cruelty, bullying, name calling, injustices, betrayal and such but also the human frailties that come with just being a regular human such as sickness, aging, disease, pain, and even death.

He witnessed everything imaginable, experienced it all, he felt it all! These things served a purpose. How could He show mercy and compassion without walking in our shoes first? How could He set set an example what is now considered to be Christlike if He did not know or even comprehend what we go through everyday of our lives? It states that his very bowels were filled with compassion because He knew first hand. His grace is sufficient because He knows and understands.

He had ministering angels round about Him while He struggled not because the immortal side of Him needed it, but the mortal side of Him with His earthly form didn’t have the strength to stand against such adversity.

Many times He was called to work miracles, once again proving to those that there was something greater than what an unbelieving world knew about or accepted. He showed the way by being baptised even though He himself was perfect. He set an example of turning the other cheek when He was so cruelly beaten, spat on, ridiculed, treated unjustly, scorned, betrayed and ultimately died.

No greater example has there ever been that would or even could lead us back home to our Heavenly Father. He gave so much and we are asked of so little in comparison. And although He is no longer here His work is not finished. He will continue to bless lives, give counsel, show mercy and stand before the Father ready to extend grace to all of us who WILL need it. No greater love can a person possibly know or comprehend.

I am truly blessed by it.


  1. Beth says:

    So beautifully written. I love my Savior. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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