Spiritual Media

In my effort to letting the angel of death pass by. I no longer watch any news media. It is a true assault on my nirvana, my zen, my peaceful flow of positive energy. Now my news media comes from a more direct path to those that know and won’t deceive me. The Prophet, other church leaders, the scriptures, My Savior and Heavenly Father.

While the world passes by my windows, I watch them all scramble to get home to watch the evening news and trying to find the best channel or the most informative news source to feed their curiosity as to what is going on in their local community or the world.

I need only to read the scriptures and kneel in prayer for answers to an inquiring mind. And no part of my senses have been jeopardized by what the world has to offer. There is no chaos just a quiet reassurance that all is right and concise in my corner of the world.

Once again I come away feeling truly blessed and incredibly greatful.


  1. Beth says:

    Truth. That is the best source. 👍🤗💞

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