Wait For Me Daddy

I once had a dream that I saw my father standing on one side of a river. the sun was shining brightly and it was warm, not hot but warm. He was waving at me, and I was excited to see him. I told him to wait for me that I would come to him.

I ran back home to get ready to leave but when I got home, my house was in disarray, my children were out of control and even as badly as I wanted to leave, I knew I couldn’t, my house wasn’t in order and I picked up the phone to call him but instead of him answering my sister in law answered. I told her, “Tell daddy I can’t come yet, I am still needed here.”

That is all I remember, but at the time I was into 3d art work and created a picture of the scene and now at times when I think about him and remember my dream, I often whisper in my heart wait for me daddy.

Oh Say What is Truth

As I lay in bed this morning, my mind focuses on truth. I realize that truth is eternal, it cannot be picked apart it cannot be debated, it cannot be changed. It CAN be realized and accepted.

Truth echoes from the past, can be heard in the present and bursts forth from the heavens. Because truth springs eternal, mortal mouths can utter it but it can only be truly felt by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I can plant seeds but I cannot do more than this. I can set an example but I cannot force feed it. All things of truth can only be recognized by the gentle promptings of the spirit.

Just as my testimony can be shared, it will be up to the individual that I share it with to receive or reject it. If they listen then they too will receive the testimony of what is truth but it will be by the power of the Holy Ghost and not by my words alone that they can receive the reassurance of what is truth. Just as my testimony is written upon my heart and has become a part of my very soul, so it is with real truth to those who find it.

Knowing and realizing this, has freed from worry and fret over my childrens’ and others salvation.

I am blessed.