Sensing 101

As humans we are sensory motivated creatures. Each of our 5 senses plays a role in our daily lives and each is vital. Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Unfortunately there are times when one or more of those senses becomes lost to us. When that happens, the other ones left begin to take up the slack and they become more acute to help us.

If we lose our sight, then our hearing becomes acute as we struggle to move forward. If we lose our sense of smell, we often lose the ability to taste and no longer enjoy food but we still must eat to survive so then we we have to find other ways to enjoy food again and that might mean learning to eat by enjoying textures of certain foods.

If we lose our sense of touch, we begin to feel cut off from life itself. We cannot judge if something is painful, enjoyable, hurtful or fufilling. what is a hug without the enjoyment it brings of feeling that connection with another human being? Or the tears being shed, you might not even know that they are there.

But there is one sense that is often overlooked and that is our spiritual sense. it is the unbreakable bond with a higher power that can heal a broken heart, it is the unspeakable still small voice that tells you to be calm and just listen. It is the sight within us that helps us to discern the good around us. It is the light in each of us that helps us see out of the darkness of things that might obscure our vision. It is the knowing that we are never alone when we might feel as though we are at times. It is the inner strength that keeps us going when the world around us tells us we just don’t matter. It is the pure love of Christ that we all possess. It is the gratitude of realizing these little truths that has far reaching potential for us.

We are far more blessed if we realize that the 5 phsiological senses we have do not define us as children of our Heavenly Father, they are essential as part of our mortalality but there is so much more to us than we realize. Of this I am so grateful for.

My day of gratitude

My daughter and her husband visited so not much reflection. I am grateful for loving children who care about me.

I Thank Thee O God For a Prophet

I was once asked why we needed a prophet. Wow even though I accepted this one little truth, I couldn’t respond. I did a lot praying and soul searching. Then one Sunday as I was sitting during Gospel doctrine class, the answer came. We pray for ourselves over personal matters to receive answers but when the Lord wants to speak to entire populations He speaks through His prophets.

Then came another point that again had me praying and pondering. What about the scriptures speaking of false prophets. And again the thought came to me, while it is true we need to beware of false prophets. No where in the scriptures does it state that there is no real prophet and that there is no possibility of there being a true prophet but the scriptures do state that by their fruits ye shall know them. We are told that once we hear what the prophet has to say we are supposed to pray about it. This is of great importance because we need our own reassurance and testimony that indeed we are led by a true and living prophet of God.

While the world struggles with chaos and turmoil, societies running here and there, individuals turning to the news media, social media and others getting caught up in conspiracy theories it seems people are looking for answers and falling short in finding comfort and peace. It is so easy for someone to get up in the fray, a real pitfall that Satan has set upon this earth at this time and many are led away by it all being consumed with fear.

And even though the prophet has been titled the “Mormon Prophet” it is so important for the world to understand that the prophet is a prophet of the whole world but only members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints acknowledge him and are willing to accept his counsel. I would ask anyone that read this to come and listen to him and then pray about it for their own assurance that there is a real and living prophet. We need not look to any other source to get answers. The Lord is still in control.

God is My Co-Pilot

Throught my life in raising kids, bad marriages, trials etc. My life always seemed like a chaotic mess. I would make lists of things to do always trying to find a sense of accomplishment but never feeling like I quite made the Dean’s list, so to speak.

With my children grown and gone and no husband or other outside stimuli to take up my time except for my cat, I faced another trial of wondering, “Well now what?” I really did not know what to do with myself, and again I was wandering around trying to make my way on my own just trying to reinvent myself and clear my own path. I would make my to do lists, plan for a future of uncertainty but still feeling unaccomplished.

This about drove me nuts! Everything I felt inside seemed out of balance until the day I knelt in prayer and told God that I was ready to submit to Him, I just needed direction. I was so tired of wandering aimlessly in this wilderness alone.

On that day God became my co-pilot. A copilot assists the pilot during flight, including handling the radio communications, navigation, and working with the pilot to complete the many checklists involved with flying an aircraft. The pilot may turn control over to the copilot even if the pilot doesn’t leave the cockpit.

Every day before I turn the day over to Him there is a certain protocol that I adhere to religiously. I kneel in prayer, then my cat has to have his playtime of about 15 to 20 min. this causes me a lot of joy and laughter, which is a great way to start the day. I share the Gospel on facebook, I then read the scriptures for 20 min. After doing this I am ready to turn my day over to Him.

I have to say this has been somewhat miraculous for me. In the pit of my stomach is the point of entry for all things whether good or bad to flow. If it is bad, my stomach knots up but if it is good, it is calming and relaxed.

This is how I judge if what I am doing has Gods’ approval or not. Even the things I write about has to have a certain flow to it. I may be able to use imagery and wording to express myself, but the flow of all my words comes from my Heavenly Father.

Many times I have decided to write about something that just seemed to be chaotic, no rhyme or reason, having no real point to it. They often get tossed aside because I get frustrated. But many times I have awoken sometimes 1 a.m. with thoughts that flow through me. I grab my tablet and begin to convey what those thoughts are.

My blogging has been an outlet for me to help keep me in sync with life and my relationship with my Heavenly Father of which I feel truly blessed. I have a few people say they felt bad for me cause I am alone. It is true I live alone but am never lonely. I am at peace and for once in all my 64 years I can honestly say this is the happiest I have ever been! I hope the day will come that more people can feel this same joy and completeness that can be theirs too if they would only allow God to be their co-pilot.

Who is God?

In society there are a lot of opinions that I might agree with, some I don’t agree with and some I wonder about. One are many different views on how God is perceived. Many see Him as an angry, vengeful supreme being to be feared and not approachable. I do not see Him this way other than knowing He is all powerful and can smite down the wicked of which He has done many times and will continue to do so as He sees fit. I think it is important for myself and others to acknowledge this, but there is the other side I think gets overlooked and that is the side of Him loving all His children like a loving father would.

My thoughts lead me to my Savior Jesus Christ. If we want to know the true nature of God then we need to only look to His son. Christ had said that He does nothing that He hasn’t seen His father do. He has also said He was sent to do the will of the Father. The qualities that the Savior possessed were qualities bestowed upon Him by God. They were qualities that would cause others to want to follow Him back to the loving arms of our Heavenly Father, not run, hide and tremble out of fear.

Christ led by example not just by word. He was perfect in every way and yet He still went into the waters of baptism. He did this because as the scriptures tells us, unless we are baptised we cannot inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Christ came to fulfill all righteousness. Many times the heavens were opened and a voice was said, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” This should help us understand God even better and that Christ was doing exactly what God was wanting Him to do in so much that God Himself was giving his approval loud enough so that those witnessing would know what He expected of us.

My Down Time

About once a week, I have what I refer to as my down day. A day I need to regroup, reboot or what have you. Today is that day for me. It is not easy being happy and upbeat all the time. Lol. If I have one day a week to just convalesce, well I think it is a great trade off. So until tomorrow. I bid everyone namaste’.

Seeds and Weeds

A woman stood in front of a fertile piece of land. She had 2 packets, one had seeds and one had weeds. She had to decide what seeds she would sow. The packets of seeds were ones of peace, joy, love for all, patience, long suffering, charity, prayer, faith, forgiveness, grace, humility, truth and obedience. The packet of weeds were ones of discontent, anger, hate, envy, greed, doubt, fear, gossip, entitlement, chaos, and deceit.

In thoughtful decision she decided on the seeds and not weeds. The weeds could only grow to overtake and kill off anything good that might grow in her garden, so she quickly threw that packet into the trough for the swine to gorge themselves on.

She planted each seed and every day she would go out to tend to her garden and she watered each seedling with tears of gratitude until it was time to reap what she had sown. She did and when she was done, she realized she had created a beautiful exquisite bouquet that was fit to present to the Master Gardner.

So it is with life our thoughts dictate what we want to create. As long as those seeds planted in our minds that Satan puts there stays in our minds they can’t grow and will eventually get thrown into the mental compost bin. It isn’t until we utter them either by speaking them or acting on them that they become weeds to destroy the beauty of we can have.

Decide on what you want to create and give to the Master Gardner then go and sow.

Matthew 7:6
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.