A Slow Walk

I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and in my mind my continuing jouney plays out. I would rather be asleep but sometimes my mind won’t rest until I write down what I see.

In preparing for Easter Sunday there will be hours that I have to spend on other things such as shopping for the pre Easter dinner on Saturday. Hours just prepping for my family dinner. Some of Thursday will be spent going to the store to buy what I need. Friday I will do what I can, like making the jello, the fig bars, picking up the cake from Safeway and little things like that to make the next day run a little smoother. Saturday will be prepping the dinner, greeting my children and their families enjoying my time with them, enjoy giving out their Easter presents as they all go home, especially enjoy watching them leave, lol. Then I will clean up. By then I am sure that I will sit down in my recliner and pass out.

I like to refer to these days of preparations as my pit stops.

I think about this road/path I am on and what I envision is this…. the path is a dirt path but it has been made free of boulders, stumbling blocks and such. It appears as if it has been swept clear by “the woman” with a giant palm leaf. The ground is firm but not hard, dirty but not dusty. On the left side are these different assigned pit stops. Some are rest areas, some are thirst stations, some are just to-do’s stops. They are always on the left side of me, maybe it is symbolic for having to do things necessary for this world or my mortal experience.

I don’t look back because behind me are large undergrowths of brambles and they are there to obscure my view. The sky above these brambles is black and I get a real sense of foreboding. So I don’t look back, there is nothing there for me. I keep my eyes set on what is before me, the view is pleasing, serene and welcoming.

I am walking with my Savior, I don’t know if we are conversing or just sharing the quiet. As I come upon each pit stop, He accompanies me over to the side and waits patiently for me to do what I need to do until I can join Him again. I never rush or try to run, but keep a steady peaceful pace only focusing on what lies a head.