A More Meaningful Existance

Over the years I have witnessed how many others churches and people have viewed the cross, many people myself included will wear or have worn the cross on a neckkace chain. I often wondered why, it isn’t the cross we should be focusing on but what the crucifixion did, it brought about the ressurrection.

People know this simple yet profound truth, yet we still continue to look to the cross as a symbol to remember Christ, His life, and His suffering.This Easter season, I realized that maybe there is so much more to this than getting from point A to point B.

I have not achieved that stage in my mortal existence. I will still have my own crosses to bear. I will still have my moments of agony in my own Garden of Gethseme where I will plead with the Father, Please if at all possible let this cup pass from me.I will continue to be laughed at, scorned, persecuted and at times feel like I am being crucified. How many times have I yet to walk alone on the road to Damascus? How many times will I have to face and walk past my own jeering crowds to be mocked and spat on by a society that loves sin more than God?

Until the day comes that I am laid to rest and fully emerge as a glorified ressurrected being! I know that time will come but until then it is the cross that I will look at but not as a symbol of something to make me feel sad or weighed down by but a symbol of hope for what the future has waiting for me. A means to an end, a way that rolls away the boulder that leads to life eternal. Now I can look to the cross and live.Glory to my Father in Heaven and to my Savior whose sacrifice made all things possible.


  1. Beth says:

    What beautiful words!💕

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