All aboard!

A long line of people stood waiting to board a plane. Each one had a carry-on bag. One person had really clean clothes in theirs except for 1 horribly stained dress shirt. Another had wonderful essays that they had written except for the one piece of homework that didn’t get done. Each person carried with them all their accomplishments but so too each had something lacking that kept their carry ons from being packed perfectly.

Before each person could board they had to have the contents of the carry-ons inspected. One by one the bags were laid on the conveyer belt and each item was x-rayed.

“Excuse me Sir, but you didn’t finish your homework.” The inspector said.

“Uh I know, I didn’t quite have enough time.”Came the nervous reply of the passenger.

“Well it is ok, just take what you have and go to that man standing over there, he’ll give you what you need to board this flight.”

This continued on with every single passenger, each having to visit the man standing at the side to give them what they needed to board the plane to go home.

As they began to board the plane, each one handed the flight attendant the one thing “the man” had given each one to ride the plane. It was a single piece of paper that read the word “GRACE”. Each passenger was smiling and each one found their seat in 1st class.

So too it is with each of us as we go into the great beyond. We each will lack the one thing that will not allow us into the presence of God, no matter what we have accomplished or how much good we have done because when we leave this life we will still not be perfect. But it will be Christ that extends the missing piece that will bring us back into our Heavely Father’s presence. In the scriptures it states that His grace is sufficient to all. To all it is given freely and in abundance.