Schooling for life

When I was younger and in school, one thing that each classroom had was a blackboard. The teacher would stand in front of it to give the lessons for the day. I would sit for hours each day either absorbing or trying to absord each topic whether it was math, history, spelling etc.

There would be breaks throughout the day for recess, lunch and trips to the bathroom. But once these things were over and I would come back to the room, my eyes would be drawn to the blackboard for further instruction. that blackboard was an essential part of my learning process.

Usually at the end of the school day, either the teacher would clean the blackboard or call upon a student to come clean the blackboard to make it ready for the next day. Not too often but once in awhile something might be intentionally left written. Something that meant she was not done with a topic or that it was important to know.

Our lives are like those blackboards, each day we start with a blank slate, every day has a fresh start. whether we have struggles, or trials or just something we wrestle with. We do our best to work through them for that day. And although we will have certain things that may get carried over to the next day, we can rest assured that come the following morning we can begin anew. We don’t have to go to bed each night carrying those burdens.