In Quiet Solitude I Sit

Science and technology is wonderful and I am grateful for these. Seeing an actual photo of a jet breaking the sound barrier or hearing that someone can pitch a baseball at 108 mph is quite impressive. Looking at photos taken by the hubble space telescope of galaxies undiscovered can leave a person breathless and as great as these are I sometimes forget of truly miraculous things that happen everyday all around me.

A child’s prayer can reach the Heavens faster and further than any man-made machine.

A single tear shed by loving parents on behalf of a child can be heard louder than any chaotic noise on earth.

A beautiful song can cause my spirit to swell beyond comprehension.

A kind word or a hug can be more healing than the skill of a surgeons hands.

Yes much can be said for the marvels of man but none can compare to knowing what God can and does do in my life from day to day.

The times I sit and contemplate on these things always brings on overwhelming gratitude that my heart can’t contain or tears cannot wash away.

His reassurance that everything will be ok has more weight to it than any amount of gold could buy. His praises I will sing forever.


  1. Beth says:

    Wonderful comparisons. šŸ¤—


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