Mission Impossible

Your mission, Debra, should you choose/decide to accept it, …

This morning my cat Mr. Kiki woke me up about 5:30 a.m. like he always does, wanting to play. I went to roll over to grab his favorite morning play toy. it is an elastic string attached to a plastic stick and on the other end is a bell with feathers attached to it. My back screamed at me, “Hey where do you think you are moving to?!”

I laid there praying in my mind, “please, please, please let it pass”. I have severe arthritis that starts from my lumbar and travels all the way up into my neck, I also have spinal stenosis coupled with a lumbar cyst that presses on the nerves in my lower back causing a lot of sciatica pain. Most days I can function pretty good with the help of Ibuprophen, but there are days like today that even the simplest movement causes me an extreme amount of pain.

Normally I keep water next to me on my nightstand but I had drank all of it the night before and being the dummy that I can be at times, I didn’t replace it. I was so sleepy that I figured I could make due in the morning.

So I knew I had to get up and get water, I rolled over, and the pain was immense, I managed to stand up and walk but my whole back was stiff and I kept thinking, this must be what metal objects feel like when they begin to rust up.

With every step I took, I moaned and even though it was such an ordeal to get from point A to point B my main objective was to get water so I could take the Ibuprophen that would bring me some relief so I could function.

I got the water and made it back to bed, grabbed the pills and downed them with my water. I laid back against my pillows, hallelujah! I had done it. Now I wait for them to do their magic.

I started think about how our struggles in life is like this scenario, sometimes our trials and struggles seem near to impossible to overcome and we have to choose as to whether we are just going to give up and succumb to them or we can choose to persevere in spite of them. Some days it is almost like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

These little victories and lessons in life are what gives everything meaning to me.