Sensing 101

As humans we are sensory motivated creatures. Each of our 5 senses plays a role in our daily lives and each is vital. Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Unfortunately there are times when one or more of those senses becomes lost to us. When that happens, the other ones left begin to take up the slack and they become more acute to help us.

If we lose our sight, then our hearing becomes acute as we struggle to move forward. If we lose our sense of smell, we often lose the ability to taste and no longer enjoy food but we still must eat to survive so then we we have to find other ways to enjoy food again and that might mean learning to eat by enjoying textures of certain foods.

If we lose our sense of touch, we begin to feel cut off from life itself. We cannot judge if something is painful, enjoyable, hurtful or fufilling. what is a hug without the enjoyment it brings of feeling that connection with another human being? Or the tears being shed, you might not even know that they are there.

But there is one sense that is often overlooked and that is our spiritual sense. it is the unbreakable bond with a higher power that can heal a broken heart, it is the unspeakable still small voice that tells you to be calm and just listen. It is the sight within us that helps us to discern the good around us. It is the light in each of us that helps us see out of the darkness of things that might obscure our vision. It is the knowing that we are never alone when we might feel as though we are at times. It is the inner strength that keeps us going when the world around us tells us we just don’t matter. It is the pure love of Christ that we all possess. It is the gratitude of realizing these little truths that has far reaching potential for us.

We are far more blessed if we realize that the 5 phsiological senses we have do not define us as children of our Heavenly Father, they are essential as part of our mortalality but there is so much more to us than we realize. Of this I am so grateful for.

My day of gratitude

My daughter and her husband visited so not much reflection. I am grateful for loving children who care about me.