I Thank Thee O God For a Prophet

I was once asked why we needed a prophet. Wow even though I accepted this one little truth, I couldn’t respond. I did a lot praying and soul searching. Then one Sunday as I was sitting during Gospel doctrine class, the answer came. We pray for ourselves over personal matters to receive answers but when the Lord wants to speak to entire populations He speaks through His prophets.

Then came another point that again had me praying and pondering. What about the scriptures speaking of false prophets. And again the thought came to me, while it is true we need to beware of false prophets. No where in the scriptures does it state that there is no real prophet and that there is no possibility of there being a true prophet but the scriptures do state that by their fruits ye shall know them. We are told that once we hear what the prophet has to say we are supposed to pray about it. This is of great importance because we need our own reassurance and testimony that indeed we are led by a true and living prophet of God.

While the world struggles with chaos and turmoil, societies running here and there, individuals turning to the news media, social media and others getting caught up in conspiracy theories it seems people are looking for answers and falling short in finding comfort and peace. It is so easy for someone to get up in the fray, a real pitfall that Satan has set upon this earth at this time and many are led away by it all being consumed with fear.

And even though the prophet has been titled the “Mormon Prophet” it is so important for the world to understand that the prophet is a prophet of the whole world but only members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints acknowledge him and are willing to accept his counsel. I would ask anyone that read this to come and listen to him and then pray about it for their own assurance that there is a real and living prophet. We need not look to any other source to get answers. The Lord is still in control.