Threads of Talents

Right before I left my Heavenly realm to join with my earthly form. I stood with a suitcase of things to bring with me. Inside this suitcase were all the gifts that I was given to be brought with me. They were all the Christ like qualities that each child possesses. I stood holding my Heavenly Fathers hand and looking up at Him with apprehension in my eyes, knowing this journey before me was exciting but also somewhat scary.

He looked lovingly down into my eyes and told me, “Fear not, I am with thee.” Then he handed me a beautiful green thread made from the finest spun gold. It was just a single thread but He told me, “Daughter this thread is a special talent, one that only you will possess. It will be the ability to convey your feelings, emotions and imagery.

If you cherish it and use it correctly, it will bring you much peace and joy and help to bring joy to others as well.” I am sure I did not quite understand exactly what He meant but with the undaunting faith of a child, I didn’t question and just accepted it. Then He also handed me another special gift. “This is the gift of free agency, one that will help you decide on how to use your talent.” Use it wisely, so that you can return home.

I wandered through this earthly existance always looking on and seeing people using their talents, some creating beautiful artwork, some it was beautiful music, some it was the art of speaking or listening but each person all contributed in some way to bring peace into their own lives and help to edify others. I spent a lot of time wishing that I could do those same things. I would wonder why I wasn’t blessed to be so talented and envying others in the process.

I needed to convey my frustrations and dissatisfaction in someway so I began to write. My words flowed through me from my mind onto paper. I felt a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment that I had never felt before. I no longer felt the loneliness and discontentment of being left out in the cold with nothing to offer. This opened up a whole new world for me. I started to share the things I wrote about with others due to my excitement that I too had something to give.

Even though this is my own scenario, it is one that is true for each of has. Our God given threads of talent to be used for our own enjoyment and for the contributions to others so that in the end we will have created Gods’ greatest work of art, a tapestry woven to be laid at His feet.