The Ripple Effect

If you drop a pebble into still body of water, you can see how the disturbance causes ripples that spread out, sometimes a short distance sometimes even further.
A man was stabbed to death Monday after he apparently cut a line for the restaurant’s re-released chicken sandwich and argued with another man who confronted him.
A man shot and killed his neighbor over a snow removal dispute.
Woman shot with Bb gun for removing Trump sign from wrong yard.
As I read headlines of these like this and there are many! I wonder do these people know or can they even fathom as to how far reaching their moments of hasty decisions can create. How many lives will be impacted? How many people will suffer, how many children’s lives have been destroyed because of their thoughtlessness?
But because I don’t want this to be my main focus, I want to change gears here and talk about small random acts of kindness that can have a tremendous impact in the lives of others.I know for me, it has been a kind word or thought or deed that has had a profound effect on me.
When my daughter was in school the teacher asked the students to write about someone they admired most. I would expect that she might have chosen someone like Joan of Arc or Helen Keller. My daughter wrote that I, her mother was the person she admired most. Today she doesn’t realize how much that meant to me even though I have tried to tell her.
Another instant because I had given a stranger a hug in her time of need, she referred to me as an angel.
My being chosen as someone’s secret grandmother for no reason that I can think of other than they wanted to brighten someone’s day.
Small arms about my neck and saying, “I love you mommy.”
My daughter hanging onto a tiny pretty rock found on the ground and put into her coat pocket to give to me because she was thinking of me.
My son laying on a hospital gurney in the hospital reaching up and tenderly wiping tears from my face and softly saying, “Momma please don’t cry.”
Reading a poem my son wrote for me in kindergarten that says he wished all Ethiopian children had a mother like me. lol.
There have been many, many more but these are a just a few things that continue to feed my soul each time I recall those moments, they are the things that breathes life back into me, these will forever ripple through my war torn heart.
I am truly blessed.