Thou shalt not take thy Lord thy God in vain

If you ask my children what is one thing that offends me, I would hope that they would all respond with, don’t profane Gods’ name. If they didn’t then I would have to say that I failed to get this one truth across.
It isn’t because it is in the commandments, although it is good enough reason. My reasons runs much deeper than that.
There is so little in this life that is sacred, but to me the love for my Savior and what He went through for me is the defining factor.
He began his life in the lowliest of conditions born in a barn next to animals. There was no room at the inn was his beginning and this same line of thought and behavior would follow Him throughout His life and ministry.
He grew and was scorned and hated even though He went about doing good. He was called names, scoffed at, bullied, ridiculed but He continued in doing only good. He didn’t sit with the wealthy or scoff at or shun others that was deemed undesirables by the rich and famous. He went among the lepers, the poor, those that others were so easily kicked at when they were down and out.
He taught loving your neighbor, forgivness, being humble, life eternal and how to live so that we can return to God. He healed the sick, the blind, resurrected the dead. Even though He himself was called a devil, referred to as a lunatic, a troublemaker, a radical. He continued on doing the things He was sent to do.
He was betrayed by His own disciples whom He loved. He knew what He was up against and that His ministry would lead to his demise. He suffered these things in the flesh because He was mortal. He could not show us mercy if He did not understand all the things we would suffer as human beings. He always had the power to put an end to it all. But without this great act of love for us it was necessary that He suffer and die for us in order to bring about the gift of forgiveness. Inp believe He had ministering angels to help buoy Him up during the worst of it all. Such as when He knelt in the Garden of Gethsemene and took on the sins of the world, not generally but for each individual person, I believe it meant literally each person. So great was His suffering that he bled from every pore. I cannot even begin to understand what that suffering would be like, and I gave given birth 8 times.
Satan tempted Him telling Him that He could end it all, that He had the power to put an end to it. His response was to “Get thee behind me Satan.” Meaning get out of here!
He loved us so much that He continued on with a purpose of providing a way so that if we sinned all was not lost, we could repent.
Here was a man, perfect in every way but yet treated like a lowlife. Someone who knew the outcome but continued on with this one thing to help others out of His great love for us.
As He was carrying His own cross, he was spat on, rdiculed, and laughed at . There were some that wept bitterly while they watched, some that knew and understood who He was and yet helpless to help Him.
They nailed his hands and feet to a wooden cross. The Roman’s had perfected the fine art of crucifixion. They knew where to drive the spikes to cause the worst pain. I often think about the pain of being nailed to the cross and then being hoisted up into the air and the cross being hammered into the ground and just the pain from that is unfathomable. That wasn’t enough torture though, they made a crown of thorns and placed it hard upon His head to mock Him as King of the Jews and they continued to jeer Him. Even His own people made great sport of this.
With crucifixion a small piece of wood was nailed beneath the feet so that when you could no longer hang by your wrists you could stand on it for a short amount of time till you could no longer stand and your weight would once again fall, and once again you would be hanging by your wrists.
Not once did Jesus curse them or say, “I’ll get you back!”
They hung him between 2 convicted criminals, His life was ending in pretty much the same as in the beginning of His life, in a very lowly position. Normally after 3 days the Roman soldiers would break the legs so that the person being crucified would die. He hung like that for 3 days. He spoke the words, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Even then He pled on our behalf. I think for me the hardest part though was when God withdrew from Him and Christ asked, “Father, why has thou forsaken me?”
Some say it was because it is said that God cannot look on sin with the least degree of allowance, while some believe it was too painful for a loving Heavenly Father to watch, or what I believe was a final piece to the whole sacrificial price to be paid. One of complete and total isolation. Regardless if one or all is true, the fact was that He was totally alone at that point. With all this, he said. “It is finished” meaning that He had accomplished his soul mission in his mortal state. “Into thy hands I commend My spirit.” He died having paid the price for each of us.
I hope that helps people that read this understand more fully why I choose to show respect for my Savior. I hope that each person will reflect on this and stop and think before they utter His name.
With so many words in our vocabulary, can we not find a better way to get express ourselves and get our point across?

We seem to be so concerned about being politically correct in using proper terms for people of race or sexual orientation why do we not give the same respect for someone who gave so much for us?

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